Let’s Chat About Life Challenges

As we all know, children don’t come with instruction manuals!!

We get well intended parenting advice from all directions. However, what works for one child may not work for another. What your parents did may not work for your style of parenting. What you may have read or tried might not be working. Let us use our 25 years of medical experience combined with our 20 years of parenting experience to help you get through some of those challenging times.

We would love to sit and chat with you to help you deal with life challenges you may be experiencing as a parent. No topic is too trivial, no question is too silly. Let’s chat about it and help you get some sound footing on the issues that are swirling in your mind.

*My baby or toddler or teen won’t sleep

*My child is a picky eater

*How do I deal with temper tantrums

*Does time out really work and how do I use it

*Is it alright to tell my child “NO”

*Dealing with and setting limits on electronics

*How to stay active as a family with a baby or a toddler

*I just have questions!

We know that sometimes the office is not the most conducive place to have these discussions, so we have set aside special times for telemedicine visits to Chat About Life Challenges you may be experiencing as a parent. You can relax at home while we help smooth the way on some topics that have caused bumps in your life.

Please let our staff know if you would like a telemedicine appointment to Chat About Life Challenges. Appointments will be with either Dr. Zambrano or Angel Solomon, PA.